2016 Annual Retreat

Our 2016 Annual Program Retreat was held from October 21 -23 at the Stanford Sierra Conference Center, Lake Tahoe. Dr. Jessica Polka, Director of ASAPbio opened the retreat with a keynote address on advocating for change in scientific research and communication. She not only addressed the problems with the structure of the biomedical enterprise but also proposed ways of fixing it by active engagement of stakeholders. Audience participation during the discussion session after the talk was terrific!

The retreat was well attended. We had a total of 125 scientific participants including 25 Program Trainees, 40 first year graduate students from our affiliated graduate groups, 3 senior undergraduate students from the UC Davis MARC program (funded by NIH award T34 GM083894), 6 graduate students from the UC Davis IMSD program (funded by NIH award R25 GM056765), 27 program Trainers, as well as students and postdocs from Trainer laboratories.

A highlight of the retreat was the wonderful oral presentations by 18 of our Trainees and 8 new Trainers that was enjoyed by all. Another highlight was the datablitz where the audience brought the roof down with their enthusiasm!!  36 participants presented posters. All the sessions were well attended and utilized by the students.

We also had a lunchtime session with career focus tables where students benefited by interacting with faculty members and the keynote speaker. Last but not the least, several brave students and Trainers participated in the polar bear swim at 7 am!

Overall, the retreat provided a wonderful opportunity for all attendees to participate and engage in stimulating scientific discussions and network during social events, and mealtimes. Thank you to everyone who attended the retreat and for your efforts to make it a success!