2018 Annual Retreat


Our annual retreat was held October 19-21, 2018 at the Stanford Sierra Conference Center, Fallen Leaf Lake, Tahoe.  Dr. Janet Iwasa, a data visualization expert and research assistant professor of Biochemistry at the University of Utah delivered the keynote talk on “Animating Biology”. Dr. Iwasa’s talk captivated the audience’s attention and inspired them to start their career on video animation :-)  Here is a short recap written by Trainee Sydney Wyatt about Dr.Iwasa’s talk - https://bioscope.ucdavis.edu/2018/10/29/a-video-is-worth-1000-pictures/

Major highlight of the retreat was the fantastic oral presentations by 29 current Trainees.  Trainee presentations were recorded and provided to them through a secure YouTube link. 21 First year graduate students from our affiliate graduate groups who attended the retreat were very engaged and participated by asking questions after Trainee research presentations. In addition, five students from the PREP Program and two senior undergraduate students from the MARC Program joined us for the first time at the retreat.  Do check out one our PREP Trainees, Jonathan Amezquita's perspective on attending the retreat -   https://prep.ucdavis.edu/2019/01/15/jonathans-fall-retrospective-retreat-at-fallen-leaf-lake/ 

Overall, the retreat was well attended and provided a terrific opportunity for all attendees to participate and engage in stimulating scientific sessions. Attendees also participated in  a scientific poster session, career discussion tables, community-building and social activities at the retreat. As usual, the datablitz by faculty Trainers was a big hit.

Click here to see the 2018 Annual Retreat Schedule and Scientific Program.