Winter 2018

Winter 2018 Schedule

Quantitative Approaches in Molecular and Cellular Biology/Rigor and Reproducibility

General Course Description: This is a ten-week long Winter Quarter course specifically designed for Predoctoral Trainees in the Training Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology. The goals of this Core Course are to provide specialized training for pre-doctoral researchers in applying quantitative approaches, and enhancing rigor and reproducibility in their research. 

Topics and Speakers

January 10, 2018

Topic:  Trainee research presentation

Speaker: Mr. Marcus Moreno, Lagarias Lab

January 17, 2018

Topic:  Stem Cells and Disease Modeling

Instructor: Dr. Anna La Torre, PhD. Assistant Professor, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, SOM

January 24, 2018

Topic:  F31 Predoctoral Fellowships

Speaker: Dr. Hwai-Jong Cheng, PhD. Professor, Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, CBS

January 31, 2018

Topic:  Trainee research presentation

Speaker: Ms. Kaity Ronning, Burns Lab

February 7, 2018

Topic:  Trainee research presentation

Speaker: Mr. Kyle Ireton, Hell Lab

February 14, 2018

Topic:  Trainee research presentation

Speaker:  Ms. Ayanna Wade, Nord Lab

February 21, 2018

Topic: Trainee research presentation

Speaker: Mr. Bryan Teefy, Juliano Lab

February 28, 2018

Topic:  Trainee research presentation

Speaker: Mr. Royce York, Nunnari Lab

March 7, 2018

Topic:  Trainee research presentation

Speaker:  Ms. Aarthi Sekar, Dennis lab

March 14, 2018

Topic:  Trainee research presentation

Speaker: Ms. Tina Truong, Ralston Lab