Over the past 13 years, 77 Trainees have graduated with a PhD. 39 students are currently in Training. The average time to degree of those who graduated was 5.78 years.

For the benefit of potential applicants and others interested in our Training Program, we list below the information of the careers that are being pursued by Program Trainees. We have used career categories as per Pickett & Tilghman, PeerJ 2017. The majority of our Trainees are employed in academia, industry or the government sector. Of those, 27 Trainees are primarily involved in research, 20 in science related careers, 25 Trainees are engaged in postdoctoral and further education, 5 Trainees in teaching. Percentages in each category are presented graphically:



Primarily research: The primary, although not necessarily the only, focus is the conduct or oversight of scientific research.

Primarily teaching: The primary, although not necessarily the only, focus is education and teaching.

Science-related: Career that is relevant to the conduct of scientific research, but does not directly conduct or oversee research activities

Not related to science: Career that is not directly relevant to the conduct of scientific research

Further training or education: Temporary training position that includes postdoctoral research, completing medical residency, or pursuing an additional degree.

Unknown: have not been able to determine the current position

Reference: Pickett & Tilghman, 2017.  https://peerj.com/preprints/3370v1/

Updated January 2019.