December 2019 – Congratulations to Trainee Daisy Castillo Guzman on her NIH NRSA F31 award. Daisy, a Trainee in Dr. Chedin's lab is investigating the role of splicing factor SF3B1 in transcription dynamics and R-Loop metabolism.

September 2019 – Congratulations to Shea Feeney ( Ralston lab) , Maxine Umeh ( Sweeney lab), Eric Miller ( Burns lab), and Nicole Coggins ( Segal lab) on their PhDs.  Maxine is a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford. Shea is learning about technology transfer at the UC Davis Office of Research and  Eric and Nicole are continuing their postdoc with their PhD mentors.

June 2019 – Congratulations to Brian Cook ( Al - Bassam lab) and Shane McInally ( Dawson lab) on their PhDs.  Brian is pursuing postdoctoral studies at Princeton and Shane at Brandeis.

March 2019 Trainees Alexa D'Ambra, Daisy Castillo-Guzman, Sharon Lee, Stefan Lundberg, Linda Ma, Tina Truong and Royce York visited the UC Berkeley Electron Microscopy Core Facility, the Molecular Foundry, and the Advanced Light Source. Thanks to Danielle Jorgens and Ashley White at Berkeley for making this visit possible.

Trainees with Dr.McNuttJanuary 2019  Trainees Alexa D'Ambra, Ayanna Wade, Daisy Guzman, Kaity Ronning, and Rebecka Sepela met with National Academy of Sciences President Dr. Marcia McNutt during her visit to UC Davis campus on Friday, January 18, 2019. Trainees attended her presentation on “The Climate for Women in STEM: Past, Present, and Future.”  After her presentation at the Mondavi Center, Trainees D'Ambra and Wade were part of a panel including other faculty and students and further discussed the topics of sexual harassment and discrimination and answered questions from the audience.


December 2018 – Congratulations  to Trainees Michael Kirmiz and Taryn Gillies for successfully defending their PhD thesis.  They are both pursuing postdoctoral opportunities at Stanford.

September 2018 – Congratulations to Adam Contreras and Kelly Subramanian on their PhDs.  Adam studied the role of SLIMB phosphorylation in mediating PERIOD degradation in Dr. Joanna Chiu’s lab. He is currently pursuing postdoctoral research at the UC Davis Institute of Regenerative Cures. Kelly’s PhD research was to understand the spatial organization of the mitochondrial inner membrane in Dr. Jodi Nunnari’s lab and she is continuing in the same lab for her postdoc.

August 2018 – Congratulations to Trainee Ash Sundaram on her NIH NRSA F30 award. Ash who is a Trainee in Dr. Heyer’s lab will study the role of SYCP3 in BRCA2. Ash’s award period is from August 2018 till May 2022.

June 2018 – Congratulations to Matt Blain - Hartung on his PhD. Mark did his dissertation research in Dr. Clark Lagarias’ lab on Understanding and exploiting light – regulated second messenger signaling via cyanobacteriochromes.

June 2018 – Congratulations to Trainee Briana Gregg on her NRSA F31 award. Briana will investigate the regulation of chemoattractant prioritization in human neutrophils under the guidance of Dr. Sean Collins. Briana also received the COMPASS outreach grant from ASCB for her continued efforts towards the Young Scientist Program which she founded in 2014.

April 2018 – Congratulations to Trainees Sharon Lee and Sydney Wyatt on their NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Program awards. Sharon (Huising’s lab) and Sydney (Draper’s lab) are both third year graduate students and they are now part of an outstanding group of 2000 diverse awardees selected from more than 12,000 applicants in 2018.

March 2018 – Congratulations to Nick Hurlburt on his PhD. Nick’s dissertation research was on “Structural Determination and Analysis of Proteins Involved in the Plant Immune System”. Nick is currently pursuing postdoctoral research in Fred Hutchison Cancer Center in Seattle.

March 2018 Congratulations to Ayanna Wade for being nominated and selected for the 2018-2019 UC Davis Professors for the Future cohort! Fellows are selected based on academic performance, leadership potential, academic service, a desire to serve the needs of fellow students, and a commitment to the graduate and postdoctoral education process. Ayanna will begin her fellowship in Fall of 2018.