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About the Program

This program provides continued training of predoctoral graduate students in the area of molecular and cell biology. The program is funded by NIH grant T32 GM007377, which is the longest running (since 1978) NIH-supported training program at UC Davis. The program funds fourteen PhD students, and is the largest NIH-supported training program at UC Davis. This program is unusual for an NIH-funded training program in that it is not associated with a specific department or graduate program/group, but is open to students in labs across campus whose research program has a molecular and cellular biology focus. Training is provided by over 75 Trainers in various academic departments on campus.

Program Benefits include funding for 2 years of graduate education (years 2 and 3) including full stipend and all tuition and fees. Training is accomplished by integrating Graduate Group coursework and PhD thesis research in individual laboratories with a set of coherent training activities developed by this Program. Trainees and other Program-associated PhD students participate in activities aimed at honing research strategies and techniques, especially as related to enhancing quantitative approaches to molecular and cellular biology, research rigor and reproducibility, critical thinking abilities, oral and written communication skills, and the responsible conduct of research, and in providing career development and networking activities. Trainees also receive in depth exposure to diverse careers in the national biomedical workforce, and assess their skills, interests and values relative to these careers through their Individual Development Plans (IDPs). 

Trainees who participate in our Program are well prepared for an evolving job market in the biomedical sciences. Trainee alumni program outcome can be viewed here: https://mcbtrainingprogram.ucdavis.edu/program-outcome