Trainee Publications

PMCID Number

Please remember that all publications generated using federal support need to comply with the NIH public access policy and have a unique PMCID number.

ALL publications that include an MCB Training Program Trainee as an author MUST be associated with a PMCID. This process can take several weeks; so please ensure that you start this process as soon as your publication is accepted.

Please note: PMCID numbers are different from PMID numbers. Some journals apply for this number for you; some do not. This link from NCBI provides details on NIH Public access policy and the difference between PMCID, NIHMSID and PMID:

For any general questions about this process, contact Gaya Gomes ( for assistance.

Training Grant Acknowledgement

According to the NIH Guidelines on Publications & Citations, Trainees are required to acknowledge the grant in any publication that arises out of grant supported research.  This includes publicationspowerpoint presentationspostersand your thesis.

Please note: If you are publishing your results in year 4 of graduate school and you were a MCB T32 Trainee in years 2 and 3, you are still required to acknowledge the grant since your started your research when you were funded by the Training Program.

You can use the following verbiage in your acknowledgements:  

X.Y. was supported by Training Grant Number T32-GM007377 from NIH-NIGMS.